We have a lot of reasons to be thankful for our country’s legal system. Lawyers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and more dedicate their careers and their lives to keeping others safe.

There are so many different parts of the legal world, and it can seem complex and overwhelming to the everyday person. The most important thing to know is that our world would be worse off without the legal system we have in place, and we should not only be grateful for the array of legal protection and assistance, but also take advantage of the opportunities for help and guidance in navigating tricky situations and issues.

One of the most essential facets of the legal system is family law. This branch covers concerns surrounding the family unit, including domestic relationships, marriages, and child custodial disputes.

In honor of the family attorneys who make such considerable contributions to the health and happiness of families across America, here are three benefits of family law to keep in mind when it comes to your own family and friends.

Prenuptial Agreements

In a perfect world, everyone would honor their wedding vows and treat their partners with long-lasting love and respect. However, it’s impossible to predict the future, and that’s why prenuptial agreements—or prenups as they are often referred to as—are often part of the “pre-wedding” checklist.

Essentially, a prenup is a contract entered into before a marriage or a civil union that contains provisions for division of property, wealth, and spousal support in the

There’s a reason why prenups are on the rise in America, and in turn why more family attorneys are needed to handle these requests. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median age at which people first marry has been steadily increasing since the 1950s, when the men’s age was 23 and the woman’s age was 20.

Now, some of the most recent data from 2015 show the median age now sits at 29 for men and 27 for women. In today’s day and age, many first-time spouses have already been working for several years by the time they exchange vows. This means that more and more people are entering marriages with assets, including bank accounts, real estate and/or employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Prenups can be tricky, as many people feel turned off by the idea of them because they seem to forebode or predict an eventual divorce. However, family attorneys would say that prenups are simply a smart and logical decision to protect one’s assets in the very unlikely event of a marriage breakup.

A dedicated and professional lawyer can help couples navigate this step together, without stress, awkwardness, or bitterness. It’s in the best interests of all parties to seriously consider a prenup, and it’s actually a simple process with the right attorney by your side.

Divorce Settlements

If it’s in the best interests of both parties to divorce, then initiating that process is a great first step toward a happier and brighter future. Sometimes people just aren’t meant to be together forever, and they can achieve a better life apart than they can together.

Child Custody

Kids are the center of their parents’ universe. Their safety, wellbeing, and happiness should always be the top priority. Unfortunately, divorce disputes can often erupt when it comes to children and how to split up their living arrangements and expenses.

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