Importing goods into any country for commercial gain is a serious business. It is more than necessary to ensure that the activities are compliant to the rules, regulations and requirements of the Customs department. If you are planning to get goods to Canada for business, you will have to deal with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Every detail related to the shipment must be shared, such as the country of origin, nature of the goods, intended use, and pricing. This also involves evaluating the taxes and duties to be paid, evading which can have serious consequences.

The need for a customs broker

Most business owners prefer to not get involved directly in all of that, because they would rather focus on their business than anything else, especially when help is around. Yes, you can get the help of a customs broker, such as Clearit Canada, to get things sorted. A customs broker, for the uninitiated, is licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and they help clients in getting their shipment cleared from the customers, after ensuring that all compliance and regulatory aspects have been taken care of.

What to expect?

Now, if you are selecting and working with a customs broker for the first time, there are many things to be considered. Firstly, let’s start with the services that you can expect from a known service. It should be mentioned here that a customs broker may refer to a company, person, association or firm. Most customs brokers have their own specializations, but the best ones deal with anything and everything related to the customs. This includes handling shipment via air, truck and ocean, and they will also help with orders that have arrived via parcel. They also have experience with car imports and     e-commerce customs solutions. Many also offer customs consulting for new businesses and existing clients, so that they can understand trade agreements, norms, compliance aspects, and costs better, and also, the target is to help in minimizing the import costs.

Get online for help

Today, you don’t have to work with a customs broker by visiting their office. Most of the things can be done online, and it literally takes around a few minutes to set up an account and share details. Once you are ready to take things forward, you can choose to talk to a real customs broker’s agent, who will further explain the process.