Career goals are an essential part of career planning that can help you achieve the career status—as well as income—that you have been dreaming of for years, especially when paired with a proper job search on a site such as Joblang.Setting goals helps you whether you are looking for jobs in USA, jobs in UK, jobs in Canada or jobs in Australia. But setting long and short term goals for your career is not always easy, especially if you haven’t ever planned out career goals before.  If you want to know how to properly set short and long term goals for your career, consider the following tips that will get you started.

Think of specific goals that you can measure

The most important thing you need to consider when creating either short term and long term goals is to think of specific goals that can be measured. For example: “I want to be successful” is not a specific, measurable goal—but “I want to finish and publish my novel within 2 years” is a specific, measurable goal. You need to make sure that they are goals which can be placed within a certain timeframe as well, whether that timeframe is weeks, months or years ahead.

Make sure that they are realistic

Your goals have to be realistic or you won’t ever achieve them. Realistic goals are goals that could be attainable through hard work, dedication and effort. For example, if you currently do not have any experience or practice singing and acting, the goal of “I want to be an actor on Broadway” is not realistic. However, the goal of “I want to audition for a community theater production” or “I want to take a course in acting from a local school” are both realistic goals. This applies no matter what industry or niche your career is in.

Think of actions you can pair with your goal

The best way to actually attain your short and long term goals is to think of actions that can be paired with each goal. The more actions you can take, the more likely it is that it is a goal you will be able to achieve. For example, if your short term goal is “I want to publish my novel within 2 years,” then signing up for a writing course designed for people working on their novels is a pairable action. For another example, if your long term goal is “I want to be a social media specialist,” then an action you can pair with that is the creation of social media sites that you can work towards gaining followers and engagement on.

Both short term and long term goals are essential for career planning. If you work hard at creating realistic goals which can be measured, you are much more likely to actually achieve the goals you set. Remember: you have to be able to take actions to achieve your goals, so it’s best to think of goals that can have at least one action paired with them for the best results.