There comes a time in any workplace that an employee may need to be fired. This can be a hard process, both for the employee and the person making this decision. Make sure before you reach this point to ensure that you have given the employee plenty of warnings before resorting to this drastic action.

To help you with this process, we thought we would outline some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to firing a member of staff, with help from dental jobs website Dent Reps.


Don’t be vague when communicating – The aim of the chat is to ensure that the employee knows that their services are no longer wanted or needed. If you end the chat without confirming that they are fired, you could open yourself up to a lot of future problems. Make sure when you give this news that you do give it in a way that is fair and polite.

Don’t apologize to the employee, as much as you’d want to – Of course, you will naturally feel sorry for the employee, especially if you have built up a good working relationship with them. We would recommend that you avoid saying something like “I don’t want to have to say this, but…”.

Don’t be defensive when airing your views – Tensions will of course by high when you have this chat. It is relatively common for threats to be thrown around about unfair dismissal. You will therefore need to robustly defend yourself by saying all protocol has been followed in reaching this decision.


Do make sure you thank the employee for their efforts – Even though you have had to relieve the employee of their duties, it is important that you communicate a certain level of thanks to the employee for working for you. This helps diffuse any potential conflict. Make sure you wish them well and mention about a future reference if they need it.

Do tell the rest of the staff — You don’t want any rumors to fly around the office about why the employee is no longer with them, so it is important to briefly call the team together to make them aware that the employee has left. You don’t want this process to negatively affect team morale.

Once the firing process is complete, you will need to advertise the vacant position. You may wish to advertise on the job board of Dent Reps, if you are in the dental industry –