Whether you work at home, in an office, or other work setting, productivity matters. The more you’re able to get done in a day, the better it is for business. There are a lot of distractions that can get in the way that hinder you from performing at your best. These hindrances, on occasion, are fine, but on a regular basis can lead to serious trouble for your business. Learning how to be more productive means minimizing those distractions. Here are some suggestions below:

Make Use of Your Weekends

Take a different approach to your weekends. Instead of sleeping in late, partying, and binge watching television (thought these things are fine in moderation), try to make better use of your time. Lots of people suffer from Sunday scaries and Monday blues simply because they dread the week ahead. One recommended Sunday scaries cure would be to plan in advance. Get your house in order, clothes ironed and prepared, and meals prepped on the weekends.

Take Care of Yourself

Here’s a big one – taking care of yourself. It can be difficult to be productive at work when you’re not putting your physical and emotional well-being first. Are you eating a well-balanced breakfast each morning? Are you exercising? Are you practicing proper hygiene? Have you indulged in things that help you to relax or feel good? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you need to do more to make yourself a priority. When you look and feel your best you automatically perform better.

Utilize Technology

There’s a lot of technology that can be used to your advantage. With so many tasks to complete in the course of a work-week, sometimes you just need some extra help. For instance, if you manage several social media accounts, using a social media manager app would allow you to access and operate the accounts from one place. If you’re having trouble remembering tasks, a task manager or project management application can help you stay on target.

Stop Multitasking

There was a time that being a good multitasker was something employers looked for, but the truth is it can slow your productivity. Trying to focus your attention on more than one thing minimizes your ability to do a good job. Your mind is all over the place. Things can be overlooked, misplaced, and mistakes are harder to make. It’s best to create a list of priorities and focus on things one at a time until completion.

Know When You Need Help

You’re only one person. The more responsibilities you take on the more difficult it will be to get things done efficiently and accurately. If it’s not done efficiently, this wastes more time as you have to redo the assignment. It is imperative to know when you need help. Outsourcing tasks, hiring staff, or talking with your supervisor about delegating tasks to other coworkers is sometimes necessary to remain productive.

Productivity is imperative to the success of your career and/or business. If you find that you’re getting distracted too often, or simply feel as if you need to do more throughout the workday there are a plethora of solutions to consider. Start with creating a more positive environment at home and taking care of your own well-being. Then, evaluate processes in the office to determine what resources you could use to improve your performance.