Catalytic converters are also known as cats and are the major part of exhaust system of the car. These play a major role in controlling the car emissions and thereby protecting the environment. When you are considering selling your vehicle, you can sell catalytic converter separately. A catalytic converter can earn you a good amount of money due to the precious metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium in them. Extracting metals and recycling them is a technical job which must be left to the experts. Dangerous gases can emit from the converter when you open it. So you can sell the catalytic converter to someone who is trained to recycle it as well as give you a good price on the same.

Sources for selling scrapped catalytic converter

It is possible to sell catalytic converter at different places. The sources can be divided into four categories. They are:

  • Private local scrap collectors: There are many people today who are getting into scrap collection. Many pioneers and entrepreneurs are getting interested in finding and collecting scrap metals for their professional importance. They collect the scrap metal, sort them and sell them to some recycling facility. It is possible to find about them from posters or from internet.
  • Auto metal scrapers: You will find many auto metal scrapers who will give the best deal on your catalytic converter. Get all information and compare prices before deciding on one where you will sell the same.
  • Scrap yards: You can always sell your catalytic converter at some scrap metal yard. It is possible to find a right price from them for selling your scrap catalytic converter.
  • Recycling plants and refineries: Recycling plants and refineries work towards recycling precious metals and scraps. You can get a good price depending on the condition of the catalytic converter from these refineries. The price of the catalytic converter depends on the age as well as factors like size, make, design and metal constitution.