When you are buying any insurance, you can choose to buy from an insurance agent representing a specific insurance company or you can choose to purchase insurance through an independent insurance broker. Usually, an independent broker will be the better choice and it is easy to find the cheapest premiums from a broker in your area. There are some real advantages to purchasing insurance through these independent insurance brokers.


Insurance brokers work for you- not the insurance companies. They are not tied to any specific company or that company’s products. Brokers can search a few companies and their offerings finding the best deal for you.

Professional and experienced

Insurance brokers deal with a wide range of services and products and they are qualified to recommend the policies that will best suit you and your needs from more options than a direct insurance agent.

Privacy protected

Brokers are required by their Code of Ethics to keep your privacy and all client discussion as well as information totally confidential.

Full disclosure

Insurance brokers give total disclosure on their rates of commission and the effect on your insurance premiums. They are required to disclose this information to you. Their commission is included as part of your premium payments and the broker will provide you with a “point of sale” statement telling you exactly how much of your premium goes towards the broker’s commission.

Choosing insurance brokers simply means that a professional is on your side when deciding on the best policy for you and your family as well as any claims. Brokers offer unbiased and professional advice, conduct that is ethical and full disclosure of all information you need to make a decision that is informed. You will get the best value for your money when using an insurance broker.