React is nothing but a view library. This is needed to develop single page applications or SPA in JavaScript. It is one of the very popular libraries that is backed by Facebook. Using this library, it is possible to develop applications with great features and dynamic fronted ones. The applications developed with this library can have features like data binding, component architecture, universal apps, and declarative views. 

The React JS training covers all the concepts including beginner to intermediate topics in this React library. These concepts are necessary for building a SPA or single page applications. Through these single page applications, a business can achieve ROI since it is possible to achieve reduced development and maintenance cost along with faster accessibility. 

Training for React JS:

With React training, students can learn, 

  • How the single page applications stand different among traditional web development frameworks
  • They will understand how they can code by utilising ES6 new language features
  • By using React 16, they will understand and build new applications from scratch
  • The course aims to teach them and make them understand the advantages of unidirectional data flow
  • They will understand and start using Redux, Redux Saga, React router, React, and all other famous libraries available
  • They are trained to create redux middleware by using Redux Saga
  • They will learn to build presentational components by using styled components
  • They will learn better-debugging techniques through React as well as Redux dev tools
  • Learn to follow immutable state principle through the immutable.js library
  • Learn to perform unit testing of components like Enzyme, redux using Jest, sinon and all other React components
  •  Learn to make a reduction in initial load times and implement server-side rending mainly for SEO benefits
  • Understand and learn web pack bundler along with its killer features like hot module replacement, tree shaking, lazy loading, and code splitting
  • Gain complete knowledge on creating, building, and deploying react applications into the cloud
  • Utilise React sources and ecosystem mainly for thirty- party libraries

Prerequisites for React JS training:

Experience in JavaScript development is the must and the first prerequisite for this course on React. In case of the candidate do not have this prerequisite then professional instructors in the academy will arrange for one or 2 days of an intensive course on JavaScript before starting the React course. 

Software needed to work with React JS are: 

  • Google Chrome or any other modern browsers
  • Any JS editor or VS code editor
  • Node> 6
  • An operating system like Windows or Mac or Ubuntu

React JS Course: Key Features

  • This course comprises of 24 hours of training which is led by professional trainers
  • The course involves students in hands-on sessions
  • In this course, students will get exposure to all latest versions of React JS
  • By utilising Redux, Flux, and React JS, students will start building internet applications which are rich in features
  • Even after the completion of the course, trainers who are industry experts will guide the students anytime needed
  • Trainers will help the students to implement new technologies in actual real time projects

Courses like the React JS course offered by Zeolearn are really useful for candidates to improve skills and progress in career path. Students are provided with best classes which are structured as per their convenience.